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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2023 9:00am-9:31am CET

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ah ah ah ah, this is the w news live from berman b u. s. and germany announced plans to deliver armored personnel carriers to ukraine, german mazda and u. s. bradley, infantry fighting vehicles may soon be heading to the front lines. will look at the difference. i could make on the battlefield also on the program. a 3rd day of paralysis in the united states congress in the united states congress republican
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kevin mccarthy, lucy's on 11th to vote on the, in his bit to become speaker of the house of representatives. despite making concessions to fall right, norma is in his own party. there are growing concerns in the netherlands that to drugs gangs could be influencing the rule of law. and we hear about the threats that happen every single day. numerous of type leave are swept under the rug. one of evidence leading drag queens tells d. w, the government's cracked on m l g b t q events. it's putting them in danger. ah, i'm feel gail, welcome to the program. germany on the united states say by are not prepared to send a armored vehicles to you cry. after speaking by phone, the 2 countries leaders announced that ukraine would receive german made mother and
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us build to bradley fighting vehicles. the decision follows a similar move by france. this is the am x t, n r c. it's a french light battle tank that's highly mo bile and fitted with a powerful gun. now to ukraine's delight, frances donating some of these ahmed combat vehicles. to cave france, if a will, did you in a france brings a new level of european defense support to ukraine. and i thank president my call for this leadership. we'll get more armored vehicles, including french made wheeled tanks, which sends a clear signal to all our other partners. there is no rational reason why western style tanks have not yet been supplied to ukraine. it's important in order to restore security for all ukrainians and peace for all europeans. he would always zalinski hath clearly been frustrated by the west's reluctance to give his country the tanks. he says it's so desperately needs. joe biden has now sent the us. we'll
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send bradley fighting vehicles to help key if they've been used by the u. s. military to carry troops around the battle fields since the mid 19 eighties. military experts say the bradley would give ukraine more firepower and strengthen its ability entrench warfare. biden's move falls short of sending in heavy tanks like the abram, which is what key if really wants. berlin was reluctant to agree to donate mothers, which are armored personnel carriers. but the schoultz government gave way to increasing pressure to change its mind. the thought that we have discussed supporting ukraine in its right to self defense even with heavy weapons. and because put in believes that that he can hold out longer. and that if at some point you, crean ran out of episodes and international support,
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he would win this water duster to all skins widen. he had isn't he given good? and asked the devastation and ukraine mounts the pressure on all key it's allies will only increase. i asked, i corresponded roman gods ranko in keith when these vehicles are likely to arrive on the battlefield. well, we don't know exactly when they will arrive, but maybe some of them will arrive in the coming days. maybe in the coming weeks. i'm more sophisticated equipment. it might take months like a, an air defense system patriot, that germany will also deliver together with united states. and, and what about the difference on the light m armored vehicles? they will not be a game changer like the u. s. supplied m. hi, maurice, multiple rocket launchers are because with their help or ukraine, kate can strike a russian positions well beyond the front lines of up to 80 kilometers and destroy
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the communication lines. ammunition depos, a headquarters of the russian army there. so it is a game changer. these lie tanks are important for a different reason. the frontline in ukraine is more than 1000 kilometers. long. intense fighting is may be 7 or 800 kilometers long. so ukraine needs a lot of tanks, a lot of armored vehicles to defend that line. and to try to go forward to push the russians back from the occupied territories. and ukraine is expecting that russia will be trying to attack on different places and nobody knows where exactly in the coming weeks and months. so the western countries are apparently trying to strengthen ukraine before that, and that is very important. and where if you look at the french wiggles, they are very good for swift advances. they are good for urban warfare. and when we also think about the weather conditions right now,
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it's getting colder in ukraine. the temperature temperatures are sinking well below 10 degrees celsius and it's snowing now as we speak in cave. and, but generally the winter is very mild and for a mild with winter light tanks are very good. so it's very good news for crane. and they are very welcome here. that today's christmas eve in the orthodox church and vladimir putin says he's ordered a unilateral cease fire along the front line. and ukraine however, is refusing to match it. why? well, the main reason is, nobody believes russia, nobody believes president putin. and this is what a grand officials are saying, and presents lensky in his evening address. also mentioned that he said, or we know what russia does, or when he talks about sci fi, just regrouping its forces to strike again. or is the lensky made a very emotional, an address? he also spoke in russian. he spoke to the russian people, and he said, look,
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we offered you to start withdrawing from ukraine on this christmas holiday in ukraine. it's an orthodox call a holiday. and there was no reaction from russia. so obviously russia was not interested when ukrainian ukraine suggested it in early in november. then in december again. so our and last but not least arm ukrainians are saying it's very hypercritical of russia and especially of the russian project. korean to suggest her a ceasefire because of the russian orthodox church is supporting this war. it is blessing russian soldiers who go and kill ukrainians. so there is no reason for ukraine. this is what we hear hindley of, not just from officials, bradford orginally, people to, to stop fighting. they will continue on. this is, this is the major message here. thanks. roman roman conjure incoming cave has got more on these announcements from germany, the us and france remark thomas vigour that thomas is a journalist who specializes in military and international defense policy. welcome
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back to the w. and how do you see more, lee said german marta fighting vehicles, changing the situation on the ukranian frontline? when we look at the numbers, the u. s. is providing about 50 bradley i in for free fighting vehicles. germany about 14 border fighting because this is not the number you create needs. so the number will make a change. but it's a 1st armored company vehicle. it's coming from the west and i think that's a difference in itself. now it will be pedant, where your grade is going to deploy these vehicles most probably insert on the front line, which are heavily contest, and they might make a difference. right? so we have ahmed vehicles, which is what we're talking about now. and so those unlike tanks, that one thing but, but like other western allies,
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is still under pressure to send heavy, more modern bottle tanks. do you think the shift is like me to continue and make berlin more likely to go in that direction? it's a bit early to tell, but we've seen in recent months how drum and the about other countries as well. have changed that stan debate refused to send you heavy weapons in the early stages of the war. then there were a cannons. artillery is gradually changed. now it for the 1st time, campbell vehicle and most probably, or i would see a change in coming months for main better tanks as well. and that the german army has struggled with hardware problems. last month of all of its high tech puma tanks that broke down during an exercise. not just one example with germany, a be in a position to give, keep all the military support it needs for these vehicles. well,
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when it comes to the model and you might even say an outdated vehicle, it's pretty old just like a bradley and the u. s. is that from the 19 eighties and most of the support will come from industry, which has all the codes refurbished, which has all the spout powers, which has the possibility to keep those engines running. and the whole thing running when it comes to germany, when germany has to be careful not to hand over too much equipment, it will still need itself. and one example of this is the patrick battery, which has been announced yesterday as well. germany is to deliver patrick now defense battery. however, germany a german air force is down to 12 batteries. so even one battery given to your crane is a heavy blow for the turban apples. thank you so much for that. that's very clear.
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a journalist of thomas v got broken. that's a look at small stories making headlines around the world will start in mexico, where security forces have captured cartel leader or video guzman. my son, a drug lord of wacky good guzman, who was known as l. chapo. the pre dawn operation, lead to gun fights in the western state of sinaloa, is capture, comes just days before a visit by us president joe by alf experts and new cove. 19 sub variance is spreading x b, b $15.00 is a mutation of the army. kron variant and now accounts for more than 40 percent of cases in the u. s. and has been detected in 28 other countries, mostly in europe. the scientists say it's the most contagious version, yet. emperor demonstrators of blocked roads in another day. protest calling for the resignation of president, deena bon, what a campaign is cuter housing,
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former president pedro castillo for political reasons, demonstrations that died down of the holiday period, but re started on wednesday at the u. s. where the power struggle inside the republican party as preventing the election of a new speaker for the house of reps representatives and it is still not been result battle for the most powerful role in congress is set to enter it for the day. after republican frontrunner kevin mccarthy, last 11 successive votes because of opposition from a small group from hard right public. the gridlock was unprecedented when congress is history of your 435 member body and cannot start business until it succeeds with, you know, women from colorado or peter matthews is a political analyst and a former congressional candidate for the democrats. explain to me the global significance of this current us gridlock much more the local unfortunately for many
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other countries and our allies in the world. we have our competitors are looking very carefully at the situation and are concerned about the instability that seems to be bringing. because he had to see us know which influence throughout the world, especially at this time when we faced the conflicts going on in ukraine and all that and other things that other economic with has. and so it was very concerned, for example, the debt ceiling will not get increased, that cannot be raised, which needs to be for the september budget. and if that's the case, then i hit my default on, on money, it goes to governments and to individual. and i could just create a havoc in the financial markets throughout the world. so united states being so influential, the whole world is watching this as we are in america very carefully. and tuning and hoping that they can get it together. the republican party, which has been split so far apart within itself because of donald from phenomenon and coming in. and i think this as a result of trump is on to some extent political analysts tap pizza matthews. a
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string of mafia style murders in the netherlands is led to questions about whether drugs, gangs, are threatening the rule of law in the country. the high profile killings include that of investigative report, a p to author, reese, and correspondence jack. paris has been exploring how attempts to shed light on the criminal forces behind the countries liberal trade in drugs. coming under pressure from mafia intimidation, his report from the hague. a dutch coffee shop where it's permitted to buy small amounts of marijuana. you can even pay with your bank. but businesses like this one could spend up to $3000000.00 euros buying stock without receipts is technically illegal for them to purchase so much, but it's never prosecuted. that legal gray area here is coming under increasing scrutiny. following the 2021 murder of dutch investigative journalist, peter r. devries. he was part of a team supporting a witness in a case against a drug kingpin. these lawyers have spent more than 2 years under run the clock
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protection for defending a key witness in the trial against riddle and tardy. he's accused of ordering a string of murders, including the former lawyer and the brother of the main witness against him. lawyer peter shout and says the trial against 2 other men accused of the related murder of de vries has descended into a mess. it's now headed to re trial after a judge left the proceedings and the deluge of new evidence was submitted. but i, she is, we should just legally men up against she to asians like dish, learn from what is going on here and make changes in the law so that even lesh become shaprall with the port of rotterdam. thought to be the main entry point for cocaine. into europe, the netherlands is under pressure from other e u countries. the multitude of court cases around these criminal gangs rumbles on, but there's also a national discussion about what's being done politically. and many of those
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questions are being directed here to the ministry of justice, asking exactly what is changing to prevent these kinds of crimes in the future. the dutch government sandy w. a statement saying it's taking unprecedented action and is investing an additional $700000000.00 euros in the coming years to fight organized crime. i personally think this country is not a riddle with gang violence or anything like that. not like a italian mafia or something, but it is starting to get a big problem. every one turns to the netherlands as the prime example of legalization of drugs and how we should, you know, push forward the, to, for example, legalize marijuana and other kind of drugs. and, and i don't know, it's really opens your eyes of the whole reality behind it. and how the netherlands has become an arca state the mafia. gang has also been threatening people in belgium and germany routing out their influence is significant, not just for the netherlands, but for the whole of europe. we can join
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a molly quell, who's a journalist who covers the international law for courthouse news service. she joins us from the hague. how welcome at molly, where we've just seen how drugs, gangs appear to be killing people and disrupting trials. how else is this threat being felt there? yeah, i mean, i think that this discussion about what jack was talking about this sort of a front door back to a policy is a call it in dutch, which is started. it's legal to sell marijuana to consumers that it's illegal for the coffee shop to be purchasing. and so there exists this sort of underground economy has been discussed for a long time. here. mayors in particular who are have a lot of responsibility for security and protection in cities in the netherlands. have long been complaining about the impacts that this policy leads to. which is, you know, essentially
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a sort of group of people who are operating in the legal sphere but sort of allowed to sell their product on. or that there is a created a legal market for this to the product of marijuana to be sold and sort of what the ramifications are. so it sounds like there's an easy fix to, i say, easy, easy fix if you go, well my whole all the of you, i have a say, yes, you can buy these drugs and yes, the people that you buy them from can come purchase them or you say no, you can't do it and that stuff. well, if not, have you considered a running for parliament in the netherlands and making this point? i think politically, this has become a really sensitive subject here. there are political parties in this country who would like to see the legalization of marijuana be rolled back entirely. people don't like the reputation. some people are particularly in big cities like amsterdam don't like the reputation of this country as being
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a sort of drugs destination. and people see further legalization as yeah, kind of continuing that and the problems that it brings along there has been a number of times over the years to restrict marijuana purchases, for example, to only residents here that has been met with sort of widespread backlash and a dramatic increase in st dealing. so i think it's a, it's a really sensitive and kind of complicated subject. but the sort of assassination of peter at a priest and this ongoing criminal trial really brought this discussion to the forefront in the netherlands. and do you think there's any truth behind those perceptions that the perception of benevolence is being locks on drugs is actually contributing to the problem? i mean, i think also that the netherlands is the largest port in europe and run it in. and i think any country that is here is going to have a huge sort of norco trade. i mean, this is what happens when you also see this happening and on tomorrow in belgium,
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because they also huge part. cocaine has not grown here, right? this is brought into other places. so i do think that like some of the reputation that it gets for this is, is, you know, unfair, i'm found it. i mean, it has want to do with the sort of location of the country. but yeah, i mean it's, it's pretty clear that this weird policy with the cannabis and coffee shops creates a lot of other issues. i mean, you know, it essentially allows people to sort of, you know, exist a sphere. and i think that it's very easy once you are sort of growing marijuana to think that perhaps, you know, you could move on to other stuff that might make you even more money. and i think thank you so much for that. so clearly i'm only quote, a journalist and i thank you. thank you. to elaborate on members of countries l g b t q plus community coming under pressure from interior ministry, which was to by dr. shows,
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one of the country's most well known drag queens. this is speaking out to make sure the show goes on. just a few finishing touches to prepare for a big party because of prejudice and police harassment. he's keeping his identity a secret. in a few moments, he'll emerge as a migration, a drug queen, well known in the l g, b t, q community. here we hear about threats on that, that's happening every single day. numerous attacks but lives are swept under the rug because the law does not protect us, so we cannot file a complaint against our her rosters, abusive. we cannot do anything. gatherings and activities of the n g t, q community are not legal and lebanon. but recently the interior ministry tried to bend them, but i was it definitely and in the decision of the interior minister effects the basic constitutional freedoms. and demonize is one of the most marginalized groups
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in lebanese society. in fact, the decision inside hatred against this group in a modern state must protect the most vulnerable groups in society as the topic of homosexuality is controversial and divisive here and abandon them honestly. yeah, i'm not real time a sexual, i'm against them. and i don't like seeing them in public whether they should go in public, they're free and they have their own personal lives. i didn't have a problem with them, none at all. no, this is not their right. all religions considerate, sinful, and forbidden. part of emma mostly ignore the voices rejecting her gender identity and her lifestyle. but going out in public means overcoming fear for her safety. emma has to be careful about her public appeal. she only goes out late and depends on the help of close friends precautions that make you feel like a dramatic scene from hollywood pi movie. lebanon
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is not a safe haven for us. recreate our protection and freedom by the people we surround ourselves with. emma insists on performing and speaking openly about lifestyle and sexual orientation, hoping that these appearances will help build social awareness to accept gender differences. with 2023. looks like being a boom a year for hollywood sequels with keanu reeves reprising, his role as john wick, a tom cruise back for another mission impossible and to digitally botox. harrison ford, starting as a young and old indiana jones. if you're looking for more factor mass fiction as this ah,
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one of the most hotly anticipated films of 2023 is oppenheimer, a world war to set drama about the u. s. scientist whose team developed the 1st atomic bomb. we knew the world would not lead a site in the wake of moscow's recent nuclear attack threats the topic could hardly be more timely, alongside julian murphy, as oppenheimer director christopher nolan has assembled an all star cast, including mac damon, robert downey, junior, and emily blunt. but again, 2023 will be a year of hollywood. sequels. none bigger than the 5th entry in the indiana jones. franchise. harrison ford is back as the adventure prone archaeologist. those days in common. got abs, abs, mouth. the octo generic and actor was digitally d age to appear as a younger with cracking in the, in several tons of the film. ah,
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no digital botox was needed for keanu reeves in his 4th turn as the assassin john wiki, the movie i held as the last chapter in the actual franchise. though reeves has signed on for a cameo in the spin off ballerina and tom cruz's back for a 7 mission impossible movie with the 60 year old start doing all his own stunts. with much of hollywood output will be sequels. alongside mission impossible. we have new transformers, star wars, and endless marble re treads, coming a movie with a much lower budget than all those films, but much greater ambition is women talking create the latest from canadian writer
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director sarah. polly was a hit with festival goers in toronto and rolls out on movie screens in january. it follows a group of women in a tight knit religious community grappling with a sexual abuse scandal. women talking is the latest post me to film to show women taking back control of their bodies and destiny. we liberated ourselves. we will have to ask ourselves who we are. the film is 24 hours in the life of these women and the debate that they have will be forced to leave the colonies. if we can look at these men, we cannot endure any more. the world's largest ice and snow carnival is underway in china. this giant ice block tower is the centerpiece of a winter wonderland in hobbin. for the next 2 months, northwestern city will celebrate the cold. with theme parks skating rinks more than
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300 i and snow sculptures. hundreds of thousands of tourists are expected to visit the festival, which was scaled back in previous years because of coverage 19 restrictions that set you up to date on that more at the top of the, our global, 3000 based next looking at the threat to the world coral reefs of pollution and climate change. having with with
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you in a globalized world, where everything is connected, all it takes is a score to set things in motion. local hero show how their ideas can change the world.
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global 3000. the next on d. w. now we've got to understand that globalization works, but he does not reach more than 30 percent of the world population. very simple in the mediterranean, as become a kind of great sarcophagus. if anything he was proud of, it was to be a steel with warren ships are catching or fish. globalization. where do we stand? in 45 minutes on d, w. mm hm. oh, blue. in christian of the questions about life, the universe and everything to you?
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the answer. well in give it here the answer to almost everything. our documentary series with clever, crazy ground breaking questions. can we go into the after life or are we getting dumber? how can we feed every 1? 42, the cancer to almost everything starts january 15 on t w ah, ah, well, can see global 3000 polluted tree fishing electric boats on lake victoria.


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